8 Reasoned Explanations Why A Gay Best Friend Adds More Value To Your Daily Life Than Anybody Else

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8 Reasoned Explanations Why A Gay Best Friend Adds More Value To Your Daily Life Than Anybody Else

I am perhaps perhaps maybe not knocking to my woman buddies right here, nor am We seeking to generalize all homosexual males into one category or push them into specific stereotypes, but there is however a great deal to be stated about having a gay guy as your BFF.

My closest friend and I also happen super near since we had been 12 years old and residing on Maui. Both of us relocated to ny for university and now have resided together from the time.

He is my primary supply of help, my stone in this jungle that is concrete.

I am aware I am able to rely he knows the same about me on him for anything and. We are like sister and brother, Batman and Robin, Seth Rogen and James Franco. In a nutshell, we are unbreakable, remarkable and unshakable.

I must state as a gay man, shares so many fantastic qualities with myself, but from a male perspective that I think a lot of what makes us such a power couple (he’s clearly my gay husband) is the fact that he.

I have stated it prior to and I also’ll state it once more: Gay guys are the very best. They usually have most of the wherewithal that is emotional of feminine, whilst having exactly the same variety of energy that individuals feminists are attempting to attain on the job as well as in relationships.

They flirt4free truly are like ladies 4.0, and i enjoy them. I understand ? I just think that gay men make the best friends for any female that it isn’t fair to lump all gay men into one (although absolutely perfect) category. Here you will find the eight explanations why i enjoy having a homosexual friend that is best:

1. They always give you support

My homosexual closest friend wishes us to function as the absolute best that i could be. He isn’t afraid to push me personally, to challenge me personally and also to make me personally fight for my objectives. He is been the best back-up once I’ve believed my many afraid and my neck to cry on once I’ve believed my many susceptible.

Gay males are not afraid to demonstrate their feelings; that is what means they are great deal like girlfriends. There is no exterior that is hard “Mr. Cool Guy” act going on; they simply generally desire to be there to aid you unconditionally.

2. They would like to gab about men, etc.

Everyone loves that i could speak to my friend that is best all night at a time about males and about my relationships. Likewise, he desires to speak to me personally about their relationships.? We never need to bother about being tuned down, judged or ashamed about any such thing We divulge.

And of course, you understand we now have fun using their Grindr application although we pregame.

Your gay most useful friend could be the simplest individual to keep in touch with because he does not care you had been making away with this rando during the club yesterday evening because he had been immediately with you.? This is an occasion whenever having a homosexual companion is similar to having a most readily useful gf; he is always up for such a thing and it is always there by your side.

3. They’re (reasonably) drama free

I tread lightly once I state this, but gay guys simply have less drama than women. These are typically no-nonsense, get-to-the-point sort of individuals.

I like this about my gay spouse. Him off, he tells me how it is.? He’s not into sitting around, being passive aggressive and talking a bunch of sh*t behind my back if I do something to set. He simply tells me what’s going on and exactly how he’s feeling, and then we mutually find a method to treat the problem therefore we can hightail it to pleased hour.

4. It is told by them enjoy it is

If We seem like a beached whale during my horizontally striped, mid-length, body-hugging dress (yeah, perhaps not my most readily useful fashion option), my homosexual closest friend will probably inform me directly that I look like Shamu.

I adore he does not lie if you ask me because exactly what solution does it do us to invest a whole Friday night out and about looking like Rosie O’Donnell?

We appreciate the sincerity i will always rely on, also if it does sting just a little.

5. They truly are clean

Hygiene into the community that is gay non-negotiable. My homosexual spouse is borderline (okay, totally, sorry!) anal. It could be only a little aggravating since We are usually a little bit of a slob, but We appreciate he wishes a clear house and it is constantly clean-shaven having a fashionable haircut and smelling like Burberry Homme.

6. They dress to wow

My homosexual husband is impeccably dressed. I can not also cope with a few of these men that are straight their high-tops and jerseys. Offer me personally J. Crew, tailored jeans and V-neck sweater sorts of man any time.

7. You will have a shopping partner

Okay, not the case each and every guy that is gay i understand. They don’t really all love shopping, but my homosexual spouse LOVES shopping. It really is therefore good to help you to expend a carefree time by having a male who i am aware will probably love striking up H&M and will not mind waiting on hold to my bag while i am attempting things on.

He also will not wait to let me know my ass appears fat in those jeans.

8. You also have a +1 that is handsome

Everyone loves being solitary. Once I have invited to fancy par-tays, i could constantly count on my great, gorgeous BFF to be my supply candy for the evening. Often it could be a small tricky choosing nice men because they have a tendency to think he is my boyfriend, but it is therefore worth every penny for several regarding the awesome pictures we are going to simply take for the night.

Ideally we are going to both get happy.

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